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The eggs of birds are enclosed in a chalky shell, while those of reptiles are in a leathery membrane.

Παράδειγμα μετάφραση During my stay there, I swept the floors and washed them, fed the chickens, collected the eggs and weeded the vegetable-beds. Napoleon had accepted, through Whymper, a contract for four hundred eggs a week.

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If you plan on taking us to creation itself, I should like send word to my landlady, she should not waste any eggs for my breakfast. The whole lot, eggs, fishes, fruits, greens, they take everything, and we go hungry.

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You're flipping eggs. I don't need breakfast in bed, I don't need eggs spilled all over my comforter, Eugenia, your eggs are dying. But the eggs aren't broken.

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You know, the whole eggs in the basket, jumping lo ovral απώλεια βάρους both feet thing. Thy twin eggs, are they cracked yet, or just in the crack? Eggs play an important part in Easter celebration, they are predominantly given to children.

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Whatever happened to the usual bacon and eggs, extra grease on the side? I always have ketchup on my eggs on game day. In the English king, Edward I, ordered eggs to be covered in gold leaf to be given as Easter presents. Steve, bad eggs have nothing to do with my parenting skills, okay? They kept the good girls away from us bad eggs.

It passed the eggs on in the bite. What eggs?

Know the medicines you take.

It's a cockerel, not a hen. Fluid has begun to collect around her eggs. Can I get two eggs, scrambled, on toast?

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We were sitting down to soft-boiled eggs and scotch. Orange juice, oatmeal, bacon and eggs, fried on one side, but not too much.

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Yeah, well, at least they got eggs and bacon on the menu this morning. This acknowledgment of the transfer of 12 eggs from Lake Drive. He has extra special purple magic eggs. Um, empty carton of eggs, coffee grinds, shampoo bottle If I may paraphrase Dorothy Parker, we shouldn't put all our eggs in one bastard.

A want a full breakfast, just 3 eggs, um French toast with bacon or scrambled eggs with hash browns? Then comes bacon and eggs, marmalade with toast and tea or coffee. I can't believe you guys have poached eggs and hash browns!

There was hardly anything there-a little bread, some artificial honey, margarine, two eggs, and a few withered apples.

Эти слова обеспокоили Ричарда и Николь, однако они предпочли не выказывать свою озабоченность публично. Патрика попросили подняться по лестнице и бегло осмотреть окрестности. Тем временем Ричард принялся колдовать над компьютером, а Макс и Роберт отправились в свои спальни, чтобы приготовиться к дороге.

But I have some eggs frozen River turtles lay thousands of eggs in the dry season beaches, which they leave to hatch. You can hold soft-boiled eggs.

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Why don't I ask Mrs. Kent to coddle you some eggs?

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Would prefer a fly scavenger put eggs and hatched larvae in my ear canal. Unusually for snakes, her maternal instincts continue for days after her eggs hatch. Atwe're gonna create a diversion so your mother's eggs can be destroyed before they hatch.

Or "eggs " finally showed his face. The women's eggs were surgically retrieved, fertilized here, And then re-transferred. She broke the eggs into the hot skillet and tossed the shells in the compost bucket at the side of the hearth.

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Those steaks, have one of the girls fry them up with eggs. But it's outside the ghetto, so you can barter for extra goods, for eggs, I don't know what you need, with the Polish workers. I suspect it has something to do with how he beats his eggs.

Eggs - Ελληνική μετάφραση. Συνώνυμα

Two organic free range Columbian Blacktail eggs poached for 4 minutes and 17 seconds. Then we go to the church service and there we bless Easter cakes lo ovral απώλεια βάρους eggs.

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How about the peppers and eggs and bread? In this case, truckloads of eggs, but you get the picture. Now we must separate the eggs, and I'II really need you.

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Well, right around the harvest time, that's when your goose eggs will make a real dense yolk. Fresh eggs, we had a bumper lay. It's given off by eggs and rotting food.