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The spectrum of contemporary digital art creation in its entirety Video Art, Animation, Digital Image, Web Art, Installation Art, Performance Art has been an important multidimensional tool of artistic creation and expression since the last decades of the 20th century up until today. Nowadays, digital art has taken by storm exhibitions, museums of modern art and events of contemporary art all over the world.

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Athens Video Art Festival is a dynamic and multidimensional international festival of digital arts and new media, an extraordinary action that represents our country internationally and gives artists the inspiration to create and express themselves through new media and digital arts. I hope this innovative and successful institution of digital arts and new media will continue to be a field of expression and creativity, contributing thus to the constant development of contemporary culture.

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Important initiatives and institutions, such as the International Festival of Digital Arts and New Media Athens Video Art Festivalwhich we have the pleasure to host for the eighth consecutive year in Athens, also contribute towards this direction. This is an innovative and pioneering festival, which develops a continuous dynamic by assembling each year betsy ruth απώλεια βάρους participations and artistic creations from around the world.

The participating artists have the opportunity to develop a lively dialogue, in interaction with space, through projects of high artistic and aesthetic result.

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At the same time, the public has the opportunity to attend alternative and innovative shows and become familiar with the New Media, which promote contemporary culture and new technologies.

Attica Region puts under its auspices innovative actions which aim at the dissemination of forms of contemporary art to broader groups of population and particularly to young people.

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In such a difficult period, we are willing supporters of initiatives like this, that highlight the architecture of the centre of Athens as well as its role as a lively space of art. I welcome and wish good luck to all participants in the Athens Video Art Festival. Artists, entities and the public are invited to take a journey through the city that will present the best upcoming artists from the international new media art scene.

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This gives us the opportunity to render Athens an extraordinary, lively city with rich culture, thus, an important point on the international map of contemporary culture. It also makes it possible to enter a transnational dialogue with respective entities on an international level.

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We are proud to host Athens Video Art Festival once again in our city and I hope you enjoy this great celebration of digital culture. We ought to make the most of every opportunity in order to promote this heritage so that culture becomes an integral part of our daily life as well as a source betsy ruth απώλεια βάρους inspiration for both residents and visitors.

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We are in need of acts that will trigger enthusiasm and lead to a creative dialogue between the city and its residents. We want our city to be a lively city that will stand out, a city rich in culture, that will create a better quality of life for both residents and visitors, a city we will be proud to live in. Our main goal is to create and realize cultural acts that will constitute an autonomous attraction in Athens.

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Culture is a basic communication tool for us through which we can plan on to the improvement of the situation in Athens in a time when it is most needed. I hope that with the help of cultural acts such as Athens Video Art Festival, Athens will become a universal capital of culture. By using as a primary tool its diverse program, it pursues within this frame a multitude of goals.

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It welcomes projects in seven official categories, collaborates with festivals, agencies, institutions and organizations throughout the globe, incorporates art history by way of special tribute shows, and in parallel stages music events.

Athens Video Art Festival began in thanks to an initiative by Multitrab Productions that invitedmore than video artists from all over the world to show their work to the Greek audience.

It also multiplied its collaborations with academics, festivals, organizations, agencies and institutions in Greece and abroad. The organization, always faithful in experimentation and constant self-criticism as contemporary art and life prerequisites, in with its eighth official edition. A building complex of square meters, a square in the center of the city and a series of traditional stores of the Athenian downtown consisted of the spaces that hosted more than artworks from 58 different corners of our planet in an effort of pointing the Greek capital as a lung of contemporary creativity as well as a way of communication between classic culture and the future of arts.

Serving its basic principles and with a spirit of novation the festival hosted art works from all over the world in the context of its five blocks with the aim of getting the public familiar with modern cultural, technological and social trends. Multitrab productions work in a multifunctional way With main arbors the spirit, the energy and the actions of young artists, it contributes betsy ruth απώλεια βάρους the connection between digital culture and young contemporary artistic events.

At the same time, it provides the artists with additional motivation for creativity, as well as the chance to express using all of the audiovisual media in presenting their art work.

The main objective of its activity consists of the Athens Video Art Festival, which is accompanied by a series of parallel activities, which are realized through the year.

Multitrab Productions materializes the production, organization and promotion of these activities, besides the annual realization of Athens Video Art Festival, with the aim to adapt the public to new media and digital culture. The term Animation arose from the Latin verb Animare which means give life.

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Animation is the technique of making inanimate objects or drawings appear to move in motion pictures or computer graphics. Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement.

A series of drawings are linked together, and usually photographed by a camera.

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The drawings have been slightly changed between individualized frames so when they are linked and played back in rapid succession, there appears to be seamless movement within the drawings. The final complement on the visual result is no other than the use of sound, which was introduced for the first time by Walt Disney in his movie Steamboat Willie. With the introduction of computers, animation took on a betsy ruth απώλεια βάρους new meaning.

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The evolution of technology allows artists to produce animated films betsy ruth απώλεια βάρους exclusively on a computer. These so called Graphic Animations use non drawn flat visual graphic material 3-D computer generated characters, photographs, newspaper clippings, magazines etc which are sometimes manipulated frame by frame to create motion.

Despite the long presence of animation in the fields of Arts, it continues to rapidly evolve and give new marks connecting its evolution to the evolution of digital technology.