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Adagio for Strings March 13 -- Samuel Barber wrote this classical piece for string quartet, and it was first performed in Now a standard short piece for orchestra, "Adagio for Strings" endures in part due to its appearance in wo well-known film soundtracks -- Platoon and The Elephant Man.

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The year-old Berlin's instrumental struggled out of the blocks, so he penned lyrics for it and, after superstar Al Jolson sang it on Broadway, it became a huge hit and went on to sell over 1. All or Nothing At All November απώλεια βάρους του marlon gibson -- Frank Sinatra's version of this heartfelt ballad απώλεια βάρους του marlon gibson actually a commercial flop when he first released it inselling fewer than 8, copies.

Διάλογος - Βύρωνος. Ελευθερουδάκης - Αθ. Ενδοχώρα - Αθ. Εξαρχόπουλος - Αθ. Εστία - Αθ.

But when the young singer's career began to overheat in the early s, he re-recorded the tune for his new label, Columbia Records, and it went to number two on the charts.

The track proved to be a turning point both for Sinatra and the American popular music. Many critics contend it's his best work and arguably the best dance composition ever created by an American composer.

Όπως στο μυθοπλαστικό σύμπαν του Χόρχε Λούις Μπόρχες η «λογοκλοπία» δεν υφίσταται ως έννοια και «όλα τα έργα είναι έργα ενός και μόνο συγγραφέα, που είναι άχρovos και ανώνυμος», έτσι και στην Ιστορία των Μεταμορφώσεων ο Γ. Πάνου στρέφεται σε μια λογοτεχνία που ταυτίζεται με μια άχρονη μνήμη. Μια λογοτεχνία που αρνείται την πρωτο¬τυπία τns, κρατώντας για τον συγγραφέα τον ρόλο του «κατασκευαστή»ο οποίος διαχειρίζεται την παρακαταθήκη τns ανθρώπινης γνώσης, τα λογο¬τεχνικά έργα όλων των εποχών. Πέντε κεφάλαια, με αδιόρατες υπόγειες συνδέσεις, συνθέτουν αυτό το ιδιότυπο σπονδυλωτό «μυθιστόρημα».

Jeff Lunden has an appreciation of music from an American master. Stamberg speaks to songwriter Gerald Marx, an associate of Hupfeld's, and with Murray Burnette, writer of the unproduced play Everybody Comes to Rick's, which eventually became the basis for Casablanca. Autry liked it so much that he revived it for his own movies Rovin' Tumbleweeds inand 's Back in the Saddle.

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Autry then made it part of his regular act on his radio show Melody Ranch, his TV program, and countless personal appearances. All Things Considered host  Linda Wertheimer  reports.

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For all of its import, Dylan claims to have written the song in about 10 minutes. Peter, Paul and Mary made it a huge hit, and it remains the songwriter's most often-covered work.

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NPR's Brian Naylor  investigates the song's origins and enduring influence. Eight years later, "the king of rock 'n' roll" was in Memphis' Sun Studios trying to come up with a B side for his first commercial single, "That's Allright Mama. While Monroe was grateful for Presley's version, he went back into the studio and recorded a new version that was even faster than Presley's.

Paul Brown has the story. Hawkins is known as "the father of the tenor saxophone" and for his seamless melodic extensions.

απώλεια βάρους του marlon gibson

Tom Moon, music writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, offers his appreciation of the piece and the art of Hawkins' approach. The title track took the year-old Springsteen six months to write, and at the time, he described it as his "shot at the title. The plot tells the story of dancers auditioning for a chorus line, pouring their hearts out to the director about why they should be chosen.

NPR's  Susan Stamberg  focuses on lyricist Edward Kleban, who was the least known member of the show's creative team and, according to collaborator Marvin Hamlish, the man who gave the show its voice. Married at 13, she settled in Bellingham, Washington, where her career took off after she performed several times on local radio stations. Cline initially didn't want to sing the slow-torch song -- she preferred the more up-tempo fare that she was used to singing.

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But her producer, Owen Bradley, convinced her that the song was a good fit for her vocal talents and expressive style. Lewis wrote the tune as a tribute to the late gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt, acknowledged as the first European jazz star. Cole profiles both men, revealing how two very different musical personalities crossed paths in the U. NPR's Elizabeth Blair reports on the tune's provenance. NPR's Mark Mobley speaks to Reich about how the song became a turning point in his career and why it's now considered a touchstone of lateth-century classical music.

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The show, based on the literature of Sholom Alechem, tells the story of Jewish villagers in czarist Russia, was produced by Harold Prince, and directed by choreographer Jerome Robbins. The list included Billie Holiday, whose performance of this song lives on in the annals of great jazz and live-performance history.

Nat Hentoff, Village Voice writer and one of the show's organizers, explains why he, and so many other jazz enthusiasts, consider this concert ground-breaking. In a conversation with NPR's  Noah AdamsTaylor revisits his feelings about that troublesome time in his life and shares thoughts on the song's longevity.

Ως λαϊκά μέσα ψυχαγωγίας με μαζική απήχηση και τεράστια επίδραση στο κοινό, το θέατρο αρχικά κι ο κινηματογράφος αργότερα, βρέθηκαν εξαρχής αντιμέτωπα τόσο με κρατικές, όσο και με άτυπες λογοκριτικές πρακτικές.